Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bob: We've seen a lot of hard work on the part of Team CoW in the uphill Cardigan event.
Phil: Sure have, Bob, and some setbacks as well.
Bob: But in spite of those setbacks, Jess is doing well. Her stitches are even and we've only seen one or two minor mistakes, but nothing that detracts from the garment.
Phil: She's purled where she should have knitted a couple times and that has certainly cost her some time, but nothing a crochet hook can't handle in short order.
Bob: Well, Phil, the fabric seems to be working up nicely, nothing fancy, but the point here is that she's challenging herself.
Phil: That's right, Bob. She's fallen short of her goal of finishing the back of the sweater, but at only five pattern repeats to go, she will really pick up speed tomorrow. Let's just hope that the time she's going to spend writing out the pattern is worth it.
Bob: It'll be much better than ending up with something that doesn't fit - or worse. The real question is whether or not she's going to work with center pull skeins as they come or continue balling the yarn.
Phil: As long as she keeps her hands moisturized and her wrist braces on at night, we aren't going to see any injuries for her during these 2006 Knitting Olympics.
Bob: We certainly wish her the best...
...And now on to some of the lace events where we've seen some fantastic "yo-n'tog" maneuvers...
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