Sunday, February 26, 2006

Okay, Olympicspam as promised.

Before you scroll down, I want to know that Team CoW is full of enormous dorks. "Nay," you say, "I'm sure you are no dorkier than I." Well, you would be right. By the very fact that you're reading this, you're probably an enormous dork too. But, one never knows about these things, now does one? Ha-ha!

Anyhow, after a 17 hour day of nearly constant knitting on Friday and determination through Saturday evening and Sunday Morning, I finished the Olympic Cardigan! Done, daddy, done.

First, some pics of the pattern. And yes, I'm a gamer-geek too. Four of us CoWs also play D&D together.
:/ I think it's upside-down. bother.
Well, the geekitude is easy to see anyhow.

See the little picture of me wearing my sweater? A Jess original. The second one displays a most lovely beer stain to go with the coffee stain from previously. I think I got all the food groups over the course of the Olympics: beer, wine, chocolate, fried things, and pizza.

This is Dorian Grey and the unfinished sweater. Sounds like a bizarre and creepy sort of children's book, no?

Yeah, the IOC came out to Becky's house to give me my medal. They figured, why fly her out to Torino? Sure, she's got a groovy sweater to keep her warm, but best if we just take her picture at her friends' house. (No, english majors & minors of the world, that was supposed to be plural possessive. Neener.)
Unfortunately, they only let me have the medal for the picture, but that's okay. I have my sweater which I'm going to wear every day for a week now.

And I could totally make a hat out of the extra yarn - like such:

...or not.

Work that yarn! Uh-huh!

This is my very sexy friend, Becky knitting on her Mystery Shawl #2. You should have seen her dressed for the Mardi Gras party.

So, there's what she's got done. She didn't manage to finish for the gold, but she'll definitely finish for February. I can't wait to see it. I'm doing the MS2 in a Knitpick's pallete, "Mist"
Hers is in...I don't remember what yarn.

golly, I have good-looking friends. I'm just sayin'.

I didn't manage pictures of all the CoWs, but whatcha gonna do?
Well now that the Olympics are over, I know that I'm going to work on finishing some projects I've already got started this year and some from last year. My MS2 is on the list as are the husband!socks. Speaking of Husband, he needs his lunch for tomorrow and I need to make sure I have coffee for the morning.

Go me! I win.
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