Monday, February 20, 2006

Gah! I forgot the camera!
No pictures today, but I have been making quite a bit of progress. I just hope it's *enough* progress to be able to finish by closing ceremonies. I've decided to forego buttons, not necessarily for time constraints, but rather because I think I will like it better that way. My ultimate goal is to be able to wear it during closing ceremonies.
So, Olympic progress. I've got the back, the left front done, and I should finish the right front today (hopefully).
I've got some knitting time planned into the day as well as some go to the fabric store time. I want to pick up some jump rings for stitch markers and some fat quarters. Me and the gals have decided to do a mutual admiration and encouragement thing to help us finish projects. We each put something in the presents box and when we finish something, we can take something out. That's what the fat quarters are for and I also want to get some yummy good coffee. Y'know, things we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves.

Now for coffee.
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