Monday, February 13, 2006

A real update

Okay, so, knitting Olympics. I haven't worked any today on the sweater, but for three days of work, I've got about eleven inches of knitting - go me! This is a cardigan, and I'm working on the back, so I'm really booking along pretty well. No pictures just yet, you'll have to wait.
Anyhow, I've put down the Husband Socks and the Mystery Shawl #2 for now so's I can work on the Olympic Knitting.
But today is a quilting day. We've got the Ostara quilt to finish and time running out. And, speaking of Ostara, CoW still has to come up with ten prizes for Bardic Olympics. Gaaah! I still don't know what I'm going to make!
Then there's Kell's cloak, Jim's shirt, and the multitude of other projects on my UFO list.
We got a hair further on the Ostara Quilt and will be working on it Wednesday.
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