Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just a short post today. I've added a few things over on the sidebar there, not the least of which is my OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL! Go me!
I've also added a list of items that are currently in progress. woot!

I managed a small paid job yesterday. A lady, a transplant from New York, was hanging out with her sister and her sister's grandbabies at the park yesterday. She had this groovy leather vest with all kinds of Vietnam-related patches on it and she asked if I could sew some on for her. I told her what I charge and hooray! Pennies for me! I'll have to get some more button thread for this kind of thing, but it's totally doable.
I've also got a pair of pants that is going to be a skirt from my friend Na'ama that she's paying me to fix up and a bridesmaid's dress from a friend of my L.A. Bill (that's John's stepdad).
Go me!
I guess it's more mystery shawl today, but I'm okay with that 'cause it needs to get done.
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