Friday, March 31, 2006

So, I'm having a bit of fabric anxiety. You know when you get a really lovely fabric and you have to take scissors to it, but need to have a lie down at the thought?
I've been working on Na'ama's pants skirt. The fabric she sent me is this goooorgeous eyelet lace tablecloth. My solution is tand am getting ready to transform them into a really coolo work on the patches while I screw my courage to the sticking point about the fabric.

In sock-land, I've finished one of the Daughter!socks and started the second. They're in Knitpick's Dancing, Ballet. There it is, right next to the pansies and on top of the catnip.
I've swatched for MladyM's socks and have the measurements, so I can start once I finish the Daughter!socks. They will be in Knitpick's Simple Stripes, Vineyard than you can see in the picture and soft as a baby's behind. These are going to be really nice socks.. The yarn is more beautiful She's trading me some hand made Christmachanuyule cards for them and they are going to be *ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS* She's even making some different ones for Yule, some for Christmas, and some for Chanukah. My holidays are complicated.
So, things are moving along pretty well. I'm only focusing on two projects right now rather than four or five. I do still have that damned shawl to work on, but I've put it on the back burner because I think I'm too stupid for lace right now. Best to get caught up on all the socks. Of course that means that Iree's groovy cool (I hope) cardigan is going to have to wait. I've not even swatched it yet. No worries.
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