Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Down to the wire. We're short on Bardic Olympics prizes by maybe one or two.
Embroidery? - too distracted
Knitting? - no time.
a garment to sew? - umm, no.
crochet? - maybe. I've even got a project half done.

Then the inspiration hits. I have a canvas that's been half-painted for the longest time. I couldn't even say how long. So I throw a couple crows onto it (which is what it's been needing) and then stop before I overwork it.
I really like it, it's very cool.
Maybe I shouldn't give it away?
No, I should totally give it away.
I hope it doesn't suck.
What if they're not into crows?
Is this a self portrait? Am I being vain?

...you'll have to forgive me. I get a fair peice more emotional over something I've painted than any of the needle crafts I do. And I'm going through all the "I've just finished a painting" emotions within the space of 20 min rather than drawn out over several days or weeks.

So, yeah. Here's the photographic evidence. I hope the photos do it justice.
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