Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So, a quick update.

Iris knit one more row tonight, more or less by herself.

I've made a little progress on the Mystery Shawl and I'm approaching the end of clue 4. I actually have nine more rows to go on this clue.

We got our KnitPicks order today, which means I can make more progress on the Husband!Socks (which I've nicknamed foot-sweaters) and then start on a pair of socks I'm making for a lady. She has size 6 feet, so that will be a fair sight quicker than the Husband!Socks.

I got the materials and measurements for a bridesmaid's dress I'm making for extra pennies.

I'm distracted by random cross-stitching.

I still don't have the fabric I need to finish cutting Miss Kell's cloak that I wanted to have done by now.

I feel some startitis coming on. I think I caught it from Becky

By the by, Thanks to all the CoWs for their booty-kicking efforts in providing prizes for the Bardic Olympics.
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