Monday, March 20, 2006

One down.

I finished one of the Husband!Socks. He has yet to try it on, but according to my calculations, it should fit perfectly. Here are pictures:

The second picture has my hand there to get an idea of the scale of this sock. It's 72 sts in all, but the yarn is double stranded to make the gauge reasonable. Single stranded would have been over a hundred some-odd stitches per round.
Love in every stitch...and there are lots of stitches.
Perhaps it is just as well that he doesn't want a sweater.

Oh, and knitpicks is out of the yarn until June. I'm going to need two more balls of it before I can finish. So, that's six balls of Knitpicks' Essential. I'll have some left over, but that's alright. I'm good with that. I could make myself at least another pair from the leftovers.

I also finished these for a Bardic Olympics prize:

Both butterflies are native to Tennessee and I have embroidered them as best as I could so that they would be identifiable while you were blowing your nose and looking at butterflies in the wild. 'Cause you might.
One never knows about these things!

As long as everyone remembers to make and/or gets made in time what was promised, we'll be in business. By my count, I think I lack only one prize, but the CoWs may yet surprise me. They usually do and in the most pleasant ways.
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