Friday, March 10, 2006

Just a shortish post today.
I've started making two embroidered hankies. I did two designs with butterflies that are native to Tennessee. They're pretty cool. One's a southern dogface, one of the sulfurs, and the other is an Appalachian azure. I chose those because of their names and because they're not just monarchs or even zebra swallowtails. Those are very pretty, but not everyone knows these other ones.

I'm making slow progress on the Mystery shawl 2, but it is progress and I only actively hate it when I'm on the part where I have to knit lace on the purl row. I'm actually quite proud of my knitting monogamy, but it's slow going. I want desperately to finish the Husband socks and move on to...smaller socks. I also want to maybe make a fair isle cardigan for my little one. She'd totally be cute in such a thing.
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