Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Okay, so today and yesterday we worked on the Ostara quilt and in all our virtue got maybe three or four blocks done each day.
We're not getting it done by Ostara. It is too much. Right now, due to the cessation of usability of one of Becky's captain's chairs, we've had to put it on folding chairs and sit on the floor to quilt. Soooo, we've asked Mr. Carl to make feet for it. It hurts us, precious.
From stem to stern, my right side hurts. Wrist, hip, ankle, and head. This does not make for much quilting at all.
On the upside, Becky finished her contribution to CoW prizes and I think she's going to have another one as well. I'm thinking maybe a set of embroidered hankies 'cause I enjoy doing those.
So, our plan is to set the quilt up for Ostara for to work on and hope we can get it done by Beltaine. It'll be okay.
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