Monday, March 06, 2006

tired now.
I got three, maybe four rows done on Mystery shawl#2. I want to be done with this...thing. I'm certain it will be lovely except for the places where I frelled up and it looks like poop on string. I've seen poop on string, very nice string, in fact. It's not a pretty sight.
I got one and maybe a quarter of a second block quilted on the quilt that CoW is doing for Ostara and I am so done with that quilt. It too will be lovely when it's finished, and I've got others doing this with me, but we have little time and much to do.
I did manage to wrangle a Bardic Olympics prize out of Herr Jim. That makes...(counts in head) five? Which means we need five more which means oh ye Gods I'm stressing out way too much over this, I think.
I don't even have a birthday present for my sister. Perhaps I should rename the blog "A lame mace is in jest" if just for today. I'm feeling whelmed.
tired now.
(isn't this where we came in?)
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